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Refugee Youth Voices – (RYVos)

is a media led program of CineLab Akademie Initiative which seeks to equip and empower young refugees within their various refugee settlements/ camps in Uganda to boldly stand up and use their own voices through making short films or taking photographs that addresses the different socio-economic phenomenon that surrounds their day-to-day life while in the refugee camp, and their un-heard stories, hoping that this cause will help to raise awareness and echo young voices of hope, resilience and change to the broader global community in advocacy for peace & reconciliation and to provoke the responsible policy makers to a round table dialogue in a bid to end all atrocities and animosity against humanity on the planet earth


The program is also designed to offer a platform for training, production and community film screenings to showcase the work of other filmmakers/ stories from other young refuges from around the world that may be going through a similar situation but have managed to overcome their fears and are now progressing with life. In effect it is building hope and reuniting refugees among the host communities.

Through sharing personal stories, young refugees will find hope and confidence in one another and encourage themselves and will rejuvenate them to think creatively.

The creative industry is a vast opportune platform which provides variety of opportunities for any skilled creative person – through RYVos we examine and encourage the youth to explore these opportunities they will find possible entrepreneurial pathways/ job placement opportunities either within Uganda (a host country) or wherever they may be repatriated in future. Filmmaking skill is highly employable across the world.

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