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Using cutting edge equipment


Film is a very powerful tool for communication; it communicates innermost feelings, experiences, aspirations and dreams. If well-crafted it will be a very effective medium for exchanging ideas that will impact individuals and foster a platform for change, personal transformation and healing.


Over time we have created collaborations with some of the most prestigious organisations who have entrusted us with their audio-visual production needs. Our commitment, self-drive and passion among our crew has led to an ever increasing client base. We believe that, as an organization, individual or a business, you are not only looking for great moving images across the screen but looking for someone who will effectively capture and convey the right message that will best represent your organization needs, success and achievemennts – either to the donor community or to your intended audience of choice.


At CineLab Akademie initiative, we promise quality, timely delivery, creativity and a very attractive production price rate. We are willing to listen to what you need.


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