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is a platform to empower especially the girl-child to learn to produce micro documentaries, skits, either as documentary filmmakers or Citizen Reporters using their cellphones or micro filming gadgets.

And be the change

Vlogging to many might not be understood, but well, as a vlogger i take this time to explain to you just what it is and what it means to us who do it. First Vlogging is making a short video of self talking about something, it can be something u love doing with others or self. Its is in otherways a way to express self through video. Vlogging is a new way to educate the world and those around you about the things you find worth sharing. So by now you know the power behind vlogging. Be the power that causes change through the gadget you have at hand. It can be your cell phone, hand cam and so forth. It can lead to a major change around in your community and society. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT AROUND YOU!

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