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“Echo+ (Echo Plus) “Amplifying the voices of young people living with HIV through participatory film making, photography and Digital Storytelling.”

Echo+ is a participatory audio-visual content production platform/ campaign intended to encourage the participation of Young People Living with HIV (YPLHIV) to actively engage and utilize their creative space in the production of meaningful, educative, informative and entertaining content in form of films/videos/photographs that can be shared on various platforms – ranging from broadcast, social media, group gatherings, open screenings and discussions in schools and communities, and any other platforms that intend to use film/ photography in a drive to fight stigma and discrimination among YPLHIV while also addressing Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) among the general young community.

We discovered therefore, that once you equip young people with the right tools and skills to express their ideas and share their stories, regardless of their HIV status, you will have given them a springboard to a world of wider opportunities; no matter their social-economic background and especially girls who have had no chance/ platform to echo their voices of concern to the community.

The videos produced will be of duration ranging from 1 – 3 minute videos (micro documentaries and digital stories) to longer videos of up to 5 – 30 minutes (Drama/ longer documentaries)

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