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Cinelab Akademie Initiative

is a social enterprise offering both production and youth empowerment training in the field of filmmaking, TV production and photography.

Our social objective is to empower the youth from various backgrounds and those who may not afford to attend a college or university education. We equip them with employable creative and technical skills of how to conceptualize and produce compelling audio-visual works in form of documentaries, digital storytelling, TV drama, TV talk shows or even online content in form of vlogs, and or involving them through digital photography.

We originally began operating in 2012 under the registered production company name NEN316 Company Ltd, however due to the ever increasing demand and the need to empower more young people into creative, compelled its founders to register a new brand name – CineLab Akademie Initiative.

Since 2015, we have created networks across the country and trained various youth as filmmakers, photographers, Citizen Youth Reporters/ Vloggers; through our interactive short-term hands-on workshops, tailor-made training for individuals and organisations, internship and apprenticeship, as a way to empower the youth to become voices of change in their communities.

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